Senior DevOps Engineer for Seeking Alpha, вакансія у місті Київ |

Вакансія Senior DevOps Engineer for Seeking Alpha

  • Київ, Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Розміщена Talent Sourcing Lead в Ciklum 5

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $700

Актуальність вакансії останній раз підтверджувалася 6 днів тому

On behalf of Seeking Alpha, Ciklum is looking for Senior DevOps Engineer to join Kyiv team on full-time basis.

Why we’re a great company to work for:

  1. We have a mission. Seeking Alpha is about more than helping people make money. People who invest are 24% happier, 19% less stressed, and report a 36% increase in their sense of well-being (source). By helping investors to succeed, we help them to send children to college, achieve life goals, afford healthcare, and provide themselves with a secure retirement.
  2. We’re profitable and growing fast. We fuel our growth investments with our own capital, leading to greater stability for employees, and an inspiring growth-focused environment. All employees receive equity grants in-line with their cash compensation.
  3. You’ll work with great people. We work in small, tight-knit groups of smart, engaged people who bring everything to the table every day.
  4. We have fun. Our office kitchens are well stocked, and we regularly get together at company events, which include Alphas who work from home. “Seeking Alpha doesn’t feed me well,” said no one ever.
  5. You’ll impact the lives of many people. We have 15 million unique monthly visitors, and 500,000 unique users visit Seeking Alpha every business day.


  • Hard working. Delivering great experiences requires time and painstaking dedication. There are no shortcuts. Be ready to crush it every day.
  • Precise. It is easy to fudge things. We look for people who love being given concrete definitions of success, and utilize their talents and work ethic to exceed them.
  • Flexible. We ask questions more than we assert answers, and we are always open to criticism and changing our views in the face of evidence.
  • Lean. We pride ourselves in getting stuff done efficiently. When we ask, “How can I solve this challenge,” the first answer is never, “Hire someone.”
  • Team player. We look for people who are intellectually stimulating, bring a positive attitude to work, and are fun to be around.


  • Experience in software development
  • Sharp Linux sysadmin skills, including but not limited to: bash, sed, python, systemd, curl, jq, git, ssh, etc.
  • Experience with central monitoring and alerting tools, e.g. New Relic Infrastructure, Elastic stack
  • Experience with server provisioning and configuration management, e.g. Puppet, Ansible
  • Experience with managing production system in AWS cloud: IAM, EC2, RDS, ASG
  • Self-learning: Ability to teach yourself new skills via the Internet. Ability to “figure it out!”
  • Strong communication skills: Ability to share your knowledge with others and to discuss issues encountered during problem-solving
  • Service mentality, results-driven approach


  • Experience in full stack web development
  • Familiarity with Agile/Scrum, working in a team
  • Open source software community participation
  • DBA skills with traditional RDBMS and with document stores (storage, replication, CAP Theorem, etc.)
  • Knowledge of specific technologies we use: Ruby, Rails, Puppet
  • Experience with Docker and container managers, e.g. ECS
  • Formal education in the fields of Software Engineering or Computer Science

What's in it for you

  • Very close cooperation with the client
  • Possibility to propose solutions on a project
  • Dynamic and challenging tasks
  • Ability to influence project technologies
  • Team of professionals: learn from colleagues and gain recognition of your skills
  • Low bureaucracy, European management style

Деталі пропозіції

  • Спеціалізація: DevOps / Sysadmin
  • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Мінімальний досвід роботи: 4 роки
  • Мінімальний рівень англійської: Upper Intermediate
  • Міста: Київ
  • Зарплата: За домовленістю
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $700
  • Термін виплати бонусу роботодавцем: 120 днів з моменту виходу кандидата на роботу
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 3 місяця
  • Вакансія опублікована: 22 лютого 2021 р.
  • Вакансія оновлена: 22 лютого 2021 р.

Актуальність вакансії останній раз підтверджувалася 6 днів тому

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