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Україна (Харків)

A-listware is a tech company offering challenging and rewarding programming job opportunities for Ukrainian engineers. We work with international customers from product development to outsourcing and outstaffing. Have cosy office, friendly family atmosphere and lots of fun! Come and join us!

A-listware is a Ukrainian technology company delivering exclusive onboarding and escorting of your remote engineering teams. We consult you on the Ukrainian IT market and help set up the team of great and trustworthy employees in addition to the them being top technical talent.

We have started as a team working with nearshore customers and have successfully been meeting expectations of our clients in Israel and Europe for 7 years. We have now gradually expanded to the USA and Australia as we have realized that our service overcomes the distance and time zones.

Building your team in Ukraine has never been that easy and transparent: you no longer work with someone on the other end – you work with the real contributor to your business.

What makes us different is that apart from timely and fast recruitment of the technically best fitting engineer, we make sure the team member

  • Has the right attitude to work, is trustworthy and open to stay onboard for a long time
  • Is capable to communicate without any language barrier and experiences no culture gap
  • Produces clean high quality code, takes the tough tasks and completes them
  • Thinks outside the box and has innovative approach
  • Follows the processes set by us on your preferences

Hire the A-list engineers first! You can trust us as we are able to deliver!


  • Веб-сайт: https://www.a-listware.com
  • Розмір: 1 до 50 співробітників
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 4 місяця

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