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Who we are

With over 12 years of software engineering experience and 150+ projects under our belt, we know how to maximize business value and ensure sustainability with custom technical solutions. We not only design and deliver high-quality, stable, scalable, and functional digital products but also share the valuable and wide ranging knowledge of 400+ talented developers.

  • 4.8/5 Customer satisfaction rate
  • 72+ Projects annually
  • 400+ Total employees
  • 47% Annual company growth

Management board

Yalantis has a reputation as an egalitarian outsourcing company, and our management board members stay in constant touch with Yalantis employees and clients. For this reason, our clients can be sure that every project and every opportunity will receive the necessary level of strategic oversight from our executives.

People excellence

At Yalantis, we improve our company’s performance by focusing on the continuous improvement of our talented specialists. We work with each employee to draw up an individual development plan and regularly monitor accomplishments. Moreover, our employees always have the necessary resources and space for successful professional growth.


One of the best ways for our employees to level up their tech and soft skills is by sharing knowledge with others. To make this happen, we invest in the development of our local IT community.


  • Веб-сайт: https://yalantis.com/
  • Розмір: 501 до 1000 співробітників
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 3 місяця

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