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Senior UI/UX Designer

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8+ UX/UI Designer. Has experience in: • CRM, SaaS & Applications • Mobile app design(iOS) • All kinds of web sites • Icons creation • UX Research and Analysis Has solid understanding of: HTML, CSS and strong knowledge in web typography, layout and color theory. Has background as an UX Architect.

Опыт работы

Nextiva Senior UX/UI Designer сентябрь 2016 - август 2019 (3 года) Ukraine During the period of almost three years in Nextiva, I had an ability to work both as a senior UX/UI Designer and as a UX Researcher.

Experience in Nextiva:

01 Data Migration App.

02 Form Builder for Database Managment App.

03 Workflow Rules (or rules engine) App.

04 Survey Builder

05 Analytics activities for all Nextiva products

Data Migration is the process of transferring data between computer storage types or file formats. After loading into the new system, results are subjected to data verification to determine whether data was accurately translated, is complete, and supports processes in the new system. A data migration project is done for numerous reasons, which include replacing or upgrading servers or storage equipment. Administrators must maintain data.

Form Builder. Databases are include forms (tables). Form builder have an easy and intuitive interface to create or edit user database forms quickly. By dragging and dropping fields (data types), users are able to configure. All this allows control over a database structure, forms, and the relationship between the forms.

Workflow Rules are a set of actions (alerts, tasks and field updates) that are executed when certain specified conditions are met. These rules automate the process of sending email alerts, assigning tasks and updating certain fields of a record when a rule is triggered.

Survey Builder, it is web based service for building online surveys, feedback forms, questionnaires, assessments and many more. It also allows users to customize a survey, by placing a business logo or simply supplying images related to the questions, for example and more.


EngagePoint, Inc. Senior UX/UI Designer март 2016 - сентябрь 2016 (7 месяцев) EngagePoint is focused on the goal of helping citizens achieve their full social and economic potential. Company facilitate the transformation of health and human services agencies so they can deliver precision benefits to the greatest advantage of the citizen at the lowest cost to the tax payer. The purpose-built, domain-specific modular solutions and products enable governments to attain better outcomes for the citizens at lower risk, lower cost and greater agility than any other approach.

Projects: 01 Assist. Questionnaire builder 02 Notify. Message generation and delivery solution App. 03 Search Engine App. 04 Content. Document management App.

Assist. Assist is the questionnaire builder for web platforms. Assist is a data collector forapplicants. Medicaid Enrollment is analytic web service that helps choose medic program for clients. Content. EngagePoint Content provides “shared service utility” capabilities within a SOA environment.

Notify. It is a ready-to-use message generation and delivery solution for multichannel communications within an SOA environment.

Search Engine. Manages the display of a Searchbar which can be used to search or filter items. Could work as a web browser plugin, Portlet or HTML/ JavaScript Widget (in development).

Content. Provides unified enterprise content management services within SOA environments by “federating” the content from multiple sources into a single unified (standards based) repository. Enables an organization to dramatically manage various document management technologies from a single unified vantage point with the full ability to centralize management of security + audit + search/retrieval requirements across multiple content management systems.


Self-Employed UX/UI Designer март 2015 - март 2016 (1 год 1 месяц) Worked as UX/UI Designer on part-time projects with clients around the world as a freelancer. I was involved in the very early stages of the design, fist of all it means wire framing.

Also I worked on the projects for Envato marketplace. Envato consist of the websites that help people change the way they earn and learn online.

Projects:, UX for Mobile Finance Transformation Service: UX Solutions Paymentwal, Mobiamo: UX Solutions MEGAPress Blog/Magazine (UI) OSSE – Event, Meetup & Conference Template (UI) + projects for TemplateMonster ( - Teem Lead

Altium UX/UI Designer март 2014 - февраль 2015 (1 год) Киев Altium has a rich history starting out in 1985 as one of the first providers of PCB design tools and over time developing into one of the market leaders. Altium electronic design tools are used in a variety of industries by engineers.

Responcibilities: - Analyze project requirements, create wireframes and design all visual elements for web and mobile apps - Prototype and design User Interface for Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps - Prepare compatible images, sources or guidelines for developers team - Create app modules and elements: from rough sketches to detailed mockups - Redesign existing web applications - Develop all marketing brochures and proposal mockups - Create infographics for newsletters and graphics for new website - Design website

Self-Employed UX/UI Designer ноябрь 2009 - март 2014 (4 года 5 месяцев) From November 2009 to March 2014 I worked as a designer for various companies and different customers from project to project.

Some of them were large, some of them not so. I created website design, redesign or advertising banners for: Limited - a number of forums for people worldwide with different focus area by questions (

DDM Studio - digital production studio (

Erickson Coaching International Courses - effective Coach Training and Business Leadership Programs in the world (

Groupdocs - Service for Online Document Management (http://

For the first one (placed in London), I worked around a year. I created designs for company websites. They were mostly forums, such as diabetics forum, or forum where people share their experience on immigration questions.

Also several months I worked for the DDM Studio company which placed in Kiev. It help agencies and design studios worldwide produce digital assets for their clients by creating online advertising, emails, websites and applications.

For Erickson Coaching International Courses I helped to create materials for exhibitions. There were banners and other advertising items.

As to the small projects and separate websites there were designs for such websites as: - flowers store; - for companies which sell or build houses; - blogs; - site for oil company & others;

Also I had an opportunity to design the website for one of the Ukrainian politicians for his election campaign.

I spend a lot of time learning works created by famous designers from USA. I always interested in design trends and new technologies.

As to the UX design I am great in Balsamiq and studied Axure. And I have small experience in prototyping of mobile applications.

MTS Group UX Designer (IVR) июнь 2006 - ноябрь 2009 (3 года 6 месяцев) Киев I started my career with MTS company (mobile communication services) as UX designer for IVR systems.

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. It is also quickly become one of a business's most effective tools in engaging customers and increasing sales.

IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed. IVR applications can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple interactions. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes.

A team of IVR experts is needed to best leverage this platform to address customer needs, streamline development and control operational costs.

Responcibilities: - IVR integration solutions, configuration according to usability principles and human behavior - Customer satisfaction investigations & field research - Usability evaluation of IVR branches - Requirements gathering, analysis and documentation; - Conducting user testing sessions; - Design requirements gathering; - Information architecture analysis; - Creating user personas of IVR System; - IVR navigation creation; - Analytical support of CC department initiatives and all customer service related projects;

Інформація про кандидата

  • Спеціалізація: Дизайнери / UI / UX
  • Досвід роботи: 8 років
  • Рівень англійської: Intermediate
  • Міста: Київ
  • Активний пошук роботи: Так
  • Кваліфікація: Висококваліфікований
  • Ступінь знайомства: Малознайомі
  • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Зарплата: від $4 200
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $625
  • Кандидат опублікований: 13 серпня 2019 р.