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  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $1 875

оклад от $8к net JS/Dart/Java/C#.Net/Python and etc англ B2 роли уровня CTO/VP/DM


Разработка корпоративных систем. Часть 2. Строгие методологии разработки

Agile Product Owner Role: Foundations

Sales: Closing Strategies

Design Thinking: Understanding the Process

M102: MongoDB for DBAs


Nominated for an award "Discovery of the Year"

Nominated for an award "Best employee of the Year"

Nominated for an award "Employee of the Season"


HexoJS3 Is a Fast, Simple & Powerful Blog Framework

Simple Deploy Library for NodeJS

NGINX for Sites With Static Contents


NDA(public utility services)


September 2017 - Present

Kiev Region / Dnipropetrovsk Region, Ukraine

Search and optimizing technological solutions

Developing business and project management plans

Attracting investments for the projects

Communication with key stakeholders

Project development planning, estimating and costing

Developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources Ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely Evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure

UI/UX design and Prototyping

Forming a development team and hiring

Creating and maintain development standards and procedures Creating and maintain business processes


Co-Founder & CTO January 2017 - Present

Mobile games development

* Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals

* Discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage

* Help departments use technology profitably

* Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency

* Build quality assurance and data protection processes

* Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance

* Use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology

* Communicate technology strategy to partners and investors

* Javascript, Ruby, C#, Python

* ExpressJS, HapiJS, VueJs, MobX, React, Redux, RoR, Angular6

* Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Mocha, Rspec, Cucumber

* NodeJS, Unity3D, Intel XDK, ReactNative, AngularNative


Product Architect / Product CTO December 2017 - July 2018 (8 months) Kiev Region, Ukraine


* Develop high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility

* Define all aspects of development from appropriate technology and workflow to coding standards

* Communicate successfully all concepts and guidelines to development team

* Oversee progress of development team to ensure consistency with initial design

* Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers

* Ensure software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility etc.

* Establish and share architectural best practices and lessons learned

* Evolve/update the enterprise architecture based on changing technologies, and knowledge related to recent, current and upcoming vendor products and solutions


External Technical Product Consultant May 2017 - April 2018 (1 year)


Software and Technologies:

* Meteor 1.4, Angular 4/5, AngularMaterial 2

* ExpressJS/Locomotive/Restify



* PostgreSQL / Redis / MongoDB

* Lodash/Websockets/Sequelize/Rjx

* ES5/ES6/ES7/Typescript

* NGINX, Ansible, Docker Swarm

* Locust, NightWatch

* Unity3D


Product Architect Consultant June 2017 - October 2017 (5 months) Kiev Region, Ukraine

Software and Technologies:

* ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Yarn, Reselect

* PostCSS/CSS3

* NodeJS/ExpresJS/JsonAPIServer


* Lodash

* ES6/ES7/Typescript

* NGINX, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker Swarm

* EsLint, TsLisnt, SonarQube


Global Fantasy Sports Technical Lead / Solution Architect August 2016 - April 2017 (9 months) Kiev Region, Ukraine

Job responsibilities:

* Software development.

* Staff training and taking part in code reviews.

  • Participate in the interviewing process of new candidates.
  • Responsible for the quality of the product.
  • Responsible for operation of the production environment.
  • Create technology specific roadmaps with management team.
  • Coordinate and work with DevOps to build and manage infrastructure.
  • Drive innovation around tech management and processing.
  • Develop overall development architecture and approaches.
  • Review, elaborate and approve technical and architectural solutions.
  • Review new technologies and adoption for the product.
  • Aid in software re-architecture, modernisation, refactoring and scaling out.
  • Maintain technical backlog, control of technical debt.
  • Transform the business requirements into technical design.
  • Technical advisor to the project manager, test manager and/or business.
  • Identify project risks and assumptions.
  • Lead the technical best practices and principles and make sure they are adhered to.
  • Making Highload and Security testing.

    * ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Yarn, Reselect* Python 3.5, Tornado 4.x* SASS/SCSS/CSS/CSS3* HTML/HTML5* PostgreSQL / Redis* Lodash
    * ES5/ES6/ES7* NGINX, Ansible, Docker Swarm* Locust, OWASP Zаp* Unity3D

  • NDA

    Expert FrontEnd Wizard / FrontEnd TechLead/TeamLead at Custom Unit

    May 2014 - July 2016 (2 years 3 months)

    Kiev/Dnepr, Ukraine

    Job responsibilities:

    * Software development.

    * Staff training and take part in code reviews.

    * Choose the path of development for the frontend team part of the Custom Unit.

  • Team Lead and Tech Lead in NodeJS and client-side JavaScript.
  • Take part in the interviewing process of new candidates.
  • Support development teams.
  • Create new project architecture.
  • Estimate new projects.
  • Management of internal projects.

    Software and Technologies:
    * AngularJS( 1.x/2.x ), Aurelia, ReactJS, Backbone/Marionette* NodeJS(KoaJS, ExpressJS, KrakenJS), SocketIO* TypeScript, CoffeeScript* SASS/SCSS/LESS/CSS/CSS3* Twitter Bootstrap, Materializecss* HTML/HTML5* MS SQL / Riak / PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB / Redis / MongoDB* Mocha / Jasmine / SinonJS / ShouldJS / ChaiJS* Lodash / UnderscoreJS* Cordova( IntelXDK, PhoneGap, IonicFramework )* ES5/ES6/ES7* NGINX* Gmap, OpenStreetMap, Leafletjs

    NDASenior Front End Developer February 2014Â -Â May 2014Â (4 months)
    * upgrade WebKernel for the main company product( MaxBill )* implement new features in the main product* "upgrade WebKernel" FrontEnd team management
    * XML/XLT* Oracle 11* CSS* HTML

    NDAFull-Stack Software DeveloperSeptember 2012 - February 2014 (1 year 6 months)Job responsibilities:
    * SEO* project management* DBA* FrontEnd development* BackEnd development* QA engineer

    * Postgress 9, MongoDB, Redis
    * SASS/SCSS/CSS ( Twitter Bootstrap )* Javascipt( BackboneJS, AngularJS, RequareJS and etc. )* HTML/HTML5 ( HAML, Mustache, Handlebars, Jade, Slim )* RSPEC, Cucumber, Capybara, Selenium, QUnit, Karma* Ruby on Rails

    Distributor company "VIOLA"Head of IT DepartmentJuly 2008 - September 2012 (4 years 3 months)Job responsibilities:
    * integration Impact Accent with external systems DDC, SPOT2D, SalesWorks and etc.* staff training* administrative management* team management* monitoring of the development and testing projects
    * purchase of equipment and software* development software for trade agent with help NetBooks & Pockets for mobile sales

    * MS SQL SERVER 2000/2005* C#( SQL Transfer, Multithreading )* ASP.NET* VBA/VBS* Accent Impact* Javascript* PHP* CSS* HTML
    Distributor company "VIOLA"IT Team LeadJuly 2007 - July 2008 (1 year 1 month)Job responsibilities:
    * integration Impact Accent with external systems DDC, SPOT2D, SalesWorks and etc.* staff training* administrative management* team management
    * MS SQL SERVER 2000/2005* VBA/VBS* Accent Impact* Javascript* PHP* CSS* HTML
    Distributor company "VIOLA" Software DeveloperSeptember 2006 - July 2007 (11 months)Job responsibilities:
    * development and administrative parts of DB* development new modules and administrative existing Accent complex's
    * administrative supporting five company units* integration Impact Accent software with systems of accounting* customer support
    * MS SQL SERVER 2000/2005* VBA/VBS* Accent Impact

    Housing and Communal Services Yasinovata city Head of IT DepartmentOctober 2005 - September 2006 (1 year)Job responsibilities:
    * support and completion of 1С modules* linking of accounting systems of the enterprise in one complex(Заря,Смета, 1C).* administrative management* team management
    * C++* VBS* FireBase

    Financial-industrial group "Altcom" System Developer
    April 2004 - September 2005 (1 year 6 months)Job responsibilities:
    * the development of a sustainable scheme of conveyor production of ceramic products* commissioning monitoring system bricks kilns
    * VBS* Assembler CÑ…-320x* Step5* Step7

    Financial-industrial group "Altcom" Technician Developer
    * staff training* software systems maintenance (improvement, commissioning, maintenance)* repair of electronic parts brick-putting equipment ( "SIMENS", "STILL & SON'S","MASHINCUT" )* ensuring continuous operation of electronics brick-putting equipment
    Software and Technologies: * Assembler x86

    EducationOnline certificatesDonetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) not over, Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and Automation · (2001 - 2004)Computer Academy "STEP"Software Development · (2007 - 2010)

  • Інформація про кандидата

    • Спеціалізація: Java
    • Рівень англійської: Upper Intermediate
    • Міста: Київ
    • Активний пошук роботи: Так
    • Кваліфікація: Висококваліфікований
    • Ступінь знайомства: Малознайомі
    • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
    • Зарплата: від $8 000
    • Бонус за рекомендацію: $1 875
    • Кандидат опублікований: 1 жовтня 2019 р.
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