Delivery/ Project manager, кандидат у місті Київ |

Delivery/ Project manager

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $3 000

Experienced and skilled manager with strong background in gambling industry and software development. I value transparency, efficient communication, collaboration and hands-on approach, having actively participated in all facets of software design, development and delivery, from analysis and solution design to quality management, release planning o

Skills and Qualifications

Proficient in:

● Project management

● Product quality management

● Business analysis and documentation management

● Development team management

Experienced with:

● Delivery management

● Presentation and reporting

● Agile team / project management

● Team performance assessment and management

● Business process development


As a program and, as of late, delivery manager, my responsibilities include:

● Assuring timely delivery, meeting quality expectations

● Development and delivery processes development and maintenance

● Backlog management and maintenance

● Project evaluation, analysis, prioritization

● Cross-component project coordination

● Development and enforcement of processes and standards across delivery unit

● Solution design process facilitation, review and sign-off

● Project and delivery status reporting

● Development team management

Інформація про кандидата

  • Спеціалізація: Project Manager
  • Рівень англійської: Upper Intermediate
  • Міста: Київ
  • Активний пошук роботи: Так
  • Кваліфікація: Висококваліфікований
  • Ступінь знайомства: Малознайомі
  • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Зарплата: від $6 500
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $3 000
  • Кандидат опублікований: 10 червня 2021 р.
  • Кандидат оновлений: 11 червня 2021 р.