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Lead .NET Developer

  • Розміщена Orysia Semenyuk, Recruiter в Newfire Partners

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $1 000

Lead .Net Developer, we have a new project from scratch for you.


● 7+ years of commercial experience with .NET Full Stack development
● Bachelor's degree or higher in a technical field of study
● Track record of working in Scrum / Agile software teams
● Proficient spoken and written English


● Troubleshoot, debug, pinpoint, and fix bugs in software
● Review existing code and make changes as needed for performance increases,
better organization, and stability
● lead in code reviews ensuring code developed by others is bug free and utilizes best
● Perform testing of features and bug fixes performed by other developers
● lead and help refine our development best practices and standards
● lead identifying, prioritizing, and executing tasks to meet project deadlines
● Define with standards, version controls, and product release procedures
● Support with Scrum / Agile software development approach (e.g., sprint, standups,
retros, planning, pointing, grooming, etc.)

Technical Skills

● Strong architectural and OOP skills (SOLID)
● Client-side development experience is required
● You should understand client-server architectures and how RESTful services are
● Experience with building RESTful services is a plus
● Knowledge of .NET/C# or other strongly typed programming languages is welcome
● CI/CD experience (automate build, packaging, test pipelines and deployments with
Jenkins, git, OBS, etc)
● Understanding of cloud based application deployment patterns cloud computing
best practices
● Solid awareness of cross-browser, cross platform and cross device web
development and defect resolution
● You need to know how to write tests for your own code
● Own quality of your code (i.e., unit tests, TDD, and other test methodologies)
● Understanding of industry standard web accessibility, web design & usability
● Experience in writing UI automation tests is plus
● Ability to demonstrate strong problem solving skills
● Work with Product Managers, Architects and UX Designers to design and specify
new features from the engineering standpoint
● Contribute to the positive, solution focused and creative team spirit
● Support less experienced team members in their progress and development
● Server Management Services for Microsoft Azure Iaas; including Virtual Networks,
Storage, Virtual Machines, patching, performing backups and undertaking routing
maintenance procedures.
● Platform Management Services for Microsoft Azure Paas components; including
managing cloud services, storage services, networking services and application
framework services.
● Agile development process

Деталі пропозіції

  • Спеціалізація: C# / .NET
  • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Міста: Львів
  • Зарплата: За домовленістю
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $1 000
  • Термін виплати бонусу: 20 днів з моменту виходу кандидата на роботу
  • Планується найняти співробітників на цю вакансію: 1
  • Вакансія опублікована: 9 листопада 2018 р.
  • Вакансія оновлена: 22 квітня 2019 р.