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I’m the Co-Owner & CTO of Geniusee. Responsible for the technical growth of the company, driving... Детальніше
Looking for Senior Fullstack developer (Node/React) Детальніше

Перевірений рекрутер в Crysberry

  • Client Care Specialist в Crysberry 5
  • Харків
  • 5
Crysberry Recruiting занимается подбором технических специалистов в IT-компании по всей Украине.... Детальніше
Currently I am working at MLSDev as an HR Manager. MLSDev specializes in providing all-in-one... Детальніше

Перевірений рекрутер в Scalors

  • Junior Recruiter (Researcher) в Scalors 5
  • Київ
  • 5
I'm looking for Developers in Kyiv. Детальніше

Перевірений рекрутер в Daxx

  • Recruitment Researcher в Daxx 4
  • Київ
  • 4
Daxx is a Dutch outstaffing company which hires and expands dedicated development teams in Ukraine.... Детальніше
Hello! I'm an IT recruiter and I DO read your CV and I can tell the difference between Java and... Детальніше

Перевірений рекрутер в Team Work Spirit

  • Рекрутер в Team Work Spirit 1
  • Харків
  • 1
Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and... Детальніше
IT recruiter at Softwarium company Детальніше
Experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial... Детальніше

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