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Hi friend! I bet you've heard about the cryptocurrency mining area. So here we are - a leader eco-system in its domain.

We develop a full eco-system for miners.

Hive OS is a monitoring and management platform for GPU mining rig and ASICs.
Hiveon - the most profitable and efficient mining pool.
Hiveon ASIC - the game-changing custom firmware for ASICs.
And even more.

In other words, superb React, Linux, Golang, DevOps teams you'll certainly have a lot to learn from (and to share your expertise as well).

That's what about we do.
And who we actually are?

We are a team of people deeply passionate, sometimes even addicted to their job.
People who trust in the initiative and are open to all your the most reckless ideas.
Who trust in the independence and won't bother you with any micromanagement and bureaucratic nonsense.

Just work, fun, Hive. Business trips, remote, opportunities.


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