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Україна (Київ)

Prism.Ai is an early stage Silicon Valley startup that is bringing the latest advances in Computer Vision to the wider developer community.

Prism.Ai is an early stage Silicon Valley startup.
Using machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our platform will turn any video feed into a programmable and fully structured data source with just a few clicks. We have a multimillion dollar seed round secured and are excited to currently courting investors for a 2019 Series A raise. Our home office is based in San Francisco and we have cool international team based in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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  • Розмір: 1 до 50 співробітників
  • Тип: Підприємництво
  • Рік заснування: 2018
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 3 місяця
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