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Україна (Харків)

At Clicca, we believe in relying on professionalism rather than a random selection on websites or recommendations from two or three acquaintances. We combine the work and the expert so that the click between them occurred - the understanding of "that's what you need!"

Traditional methods of searching for "there was a resume here" do not work. Especially when you're looking for something important: a Forbes CEO or a master craftsman like Steve Wozniak. Specialists: work with the product, about which you want to tell, and motivating environment.To employers: an important specialist who won't go in a month - "how did we ever work without him?" While searching, we become your partner: we clearly define the criteria, offer options, close to values and culture. We choose the right people, and then you can shake hands with them.


  • Веб-сайт:
  • Розмір: 1 до 50 співробітників
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 6 місяців
  • Компанія надає рекрутингові послуги з підбору персоналу

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