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We are a product company and we are building the next generation of Cloud Management Platform for enterprises: highly focused on Terraform, DevOps, GitOps, everything as code, consistency, and simplicity.

By joining our team, you’ll face the challenges and tradeoffs of building a highly reliable production system composed of modern microservices and the previous monolithic approach. The principal stack is JS, Python, MySQL, RabbitMQ, I Docker and many libraries for different problem domains: cloud, networking, data, concurrency, parsers, etc.

Terraform provisions and manages the lifecycle of infrastructure. Scalr builds a management layer on top of Terraform, which helps DevOps scale to their entire organization. As an engineering organization, we follow a DevOps approach as well, researching cloud services, adopting best practices, and using Terraform throughout, which helps us better understand problems and use-cases.

At Scalr, we believe that the best software is produced when engineers take pride and ownership of the code they write, which is why engineering is expected to provide customer support. We value troubleshooting skills and customer empathy because at the end of the day, writing good code and helping customers be successful is what lays the foundation of building great companies.


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