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Dev.Pro is an outsourcing company with a business center in the USA and development centers in Kharkov, Kiev and Dnipro. The company implements projects for 30 clients in the USA and Europe.

We create a supportive environment that allows talent to flourish. To deliver exceptional value to our customers, we invest in training programs, infrastructure, and environment. We believe in this virtuous cycle, and continuously improve all of its elements. Education is one of our core values as it facilitates the two most important features of Dev.Pro: great people doing great work!

There are many reasons why talented people join the Dev.Pro team: the main one is the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, by doing leading-edge work with like-minded capable people whom you can learn from.

Reasons why an application may not be accepted:

1) Recruiters may have already contacted this candidate in the last 90 days.

2) The candidate is currently working for our partner or client company.

3) The candidate was provided by a full-time recruiter of another software development company without the permission from manager.


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  • Розмір: 201 до 500 співробітників
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 4 місяця

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