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Provectus is a Palo Alto based software engineering & services company.

From the start we have specialized in skills related to leading edge technologies and methodologies. This is underlined by 90% of our business originating from the silicon Valley startups and "A" round companies. We have served hundreds of customers and have consistently been engaged on the very latest trends even if we were not ourselves a classic startup. We delivered shovels and jeans for the silicon valley gold prospectors. At over 400 staff, we have now reached the size where we can not continue to be all things to all people. In order to power our next stage in growth, we have started to focus specific mega trends we see in the marketplace.

These include:

- Mobility

- Leveraging of data via AI, ML, etc.

- Continuous delivery/DevOps

- Decentralization

- Privacy/Security


  • Веб-сайт:
  • Розмір: 201 до 500 співробітників
  • Тип: Приватна практика/фірма
  • Рік заснування: 2010
  • Термін дії рекомендації: 3 місяця

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