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HRAVITY is a recruitment agency specializing in information technologies and alongside fields: programming, electronics, infrastructure support, analytics and quality assurance, project management, arts, and design, etc

HRAVITY is the new identity for Ukrainian recruitment agency HEX | Human EXperts. We specialize in information technologies and alongside fields now: programming, electronics, infrastructure support, analytics and quality assurance, project management, arts and design, etc. And we plan to expand our activity to STEM-directions in future.

The company was created 7 years ago with a point in mind, that a good engineer with managerial experience will provide the best possible recruitment result. This idea became the core of the company and its philosophy. We grow our team of people with an engineering background and help them to build personal self-learning pipeline. Thus everybody has his area of technical expertise and leads his single direction.

We created a great internal knowledge-base on IT technologies and human resources. That helped us to build knowledge-maps and competence-trees for every direction of our work. And thus to design complex structured omnidirectional questionnaire, that successfully drives every interview.

We believe that (in general) professionalism = service. And to be a trustful facility we have the system of multiple guarantees:

• contracted material liability for in-time vacancy closing.

• free of charge first week to get acquainted with a new employee.

• free replacement guarantee within 3 months and 1 week.

• ⅔ of a price for an additional replacement, and ⅓ of a price for the second one within a year.

We have an in-depth understanding of our job and service, and we are just a thought away from our clients’ business understanding. Therefore, we do not concentrate on creating the flow of candidates in order to hire a single person for a particular vacancy — we focus on a product, and on a team that is needed for this product successful delivery. And that is what we successfully do.


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