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Пошук: Design Patterns PHP

Full Stack Developer

  • Репутація рекомендатора: 100

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $937,50

He ’s 25 years old, he has a degree in software engineering and more than 5 years of professional experience in software development. He took part in developing a few e-commerce projects and working in the startup(e-learning platform). The main language for him is JavaScript Preferences: JavaScript

  • Спеціалізація: JavaScript / Front-End / HTML
  • Міста: Запоріжжя
  • Зарплата: від $2 500
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Python Software Engineer

  • Репутація рекомендатора: 100

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $700

7+ years in development of web-based projects using Python and related technologies * Experience in designing architecture, developing projects from scratch * Involved in several complex projects (full time, international customers) * Ability to work fully independently and in a team as well *

  • Спеціалізація: Python
  • Зарплата: від $2 800
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Junior PHP developer

  • Репутація рекомендатора: 5

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $125

Начинающий разработчик - опыт 3 месяца

  • Спеціалізація: PHP
  • Зарплата: від $700
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