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Тeam Lead. Android Developer

  • Репутація рекомендатора: 6

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $250

3,5 years experience in Android applications development. ● Strong knowledge of Java and Android framework. ● Experience in both startup and standard outsource projects development. ● Previously engaged in applications optimization, redesigning and refactoring. Used to work as lead Android developer, doing code reviews and directing team’s work.

  • Programming Languages/Technologies: LiteSQL, ORMLite, Room, JSON, Service, MultiThread, GoogleService (GCM), VLCLib, greenDAO, RXJava, Retrofit, RetroLambda, Dagger2, Butterknife, Google anatation, MVP, MVVM, MVC, Indoo.rc, IndoorAtlas, Altbeacon, GPIO, Unity3d
  • Databases: SQLite, Realm, cupboard
  • Operating Systems Linux, Mac OS X
  • Development Tools Android Studio, Intellij Idea

Сurrent project:

Role: Android Developer / Team Lead Project


1. Clean up the legacy code and take over the mobile development cycle in compliance with German laws.

2. Provide continuous development and integration of the brand new highly secure and user-friendly Android applications that increase conversion rates in all industries from e-commerce and finance to insurance and online gaming or age verification.

3. Develop new features and support the existing system based on the customer’s packaged SDKs. developed App who use this

Responsibilities: ● Development and support Android app

● Development and support library ● Bug fix

Technologies: WebSocket, Retrofit2, GCM, Glide, OpenTok, JFrog, microblink, EID, rxjava2, volley,butterknife,crashlytics and etc.

Інформація про кандидата

  • Спеціалізація: Android
  • Рівень англійської: Intermediate
  • Міста: Харків
  • Кваліфікація: Висококваліфікований
  • Ступінь знайомства: Малознайомі
  • Умови: Повний робочий день в офісі компанії
  • Зарплата: від $3 500
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $250
  • Кандидат опублікований: 11 липня 2019 р.
  • Кандидат оновлений: 18 липня 2019 р.