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Senior Software Engineer

  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $3 000

I have over 7 years of experience in developing Web and Enterprise Applications using Java as the main code language. Most of my latest projects are tightly connected with cloud technologies, especially with AWS infrastructure.This includes the building of the serverless application from scratch using Amazon services, migrating data from on-premise

Responsibilities participating in developing plan and architecture for monolith to

microservices migration;

developing microservices as part of LoRaWAN Network Server


creating a fully-automated system for overall performance testing with

metrics and dashboards using AWS services;

troubleshooting network issues in LoRa stack and inside AWS VPC;

continuously improving system performance and stability (SQL,

networking, Akka actor system improvements);

Tools & Technologies : Java, Spring, Akka, Kafka, Kubernetes, AWS (EKS, Batch, RDS, MSK,

Timestream, CloudFormation, NLB, CodeBuild, CloudWatch, SQS,

Lambda, API Gateway, System Manager), Docker, LoRaWAN, IoT

Involvement Duration : 12 months

Responsibilities troubleshooting and fixing issues related to a network server or sensor


managing application AWS environment;

developing application monitoring and alarming system using AWS


Tools & Technologies : Java, Spring Boot, Netflix stack, AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53),

Bitbucket pipelines

Involvement Duration : 2 months

Responsibilities : participating in the development of high-level architecture of the

application fully utilizing AWS infrastructure;

developing a data model for the application using DynamoDb;

designing and implementing CI/CD from scratch;

implementing DR for an application using Route53 health checks and

Blue/Green deployment;

taking part in implementing business logic and workflow using AWS


Tools & Technologies : Java 11, Dagger, Gradle, Python, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDb, SQS, S3,

Batch, ECS, S3, StepFunctions, Route53, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy,

CodeBuild, Secrets Manager, VPC, CDK), Jenkins

Involvement Duration : 6 months

Responsibilities : fully reworking CI/CD process and application to meet the customer

ecosystem requirements;

conducting knowledge transfer sessions for the teams on the customer


investigation and implementing infrastructure changes to the application

be able to pass ‘permit to operate’ and ‘permit to production’ checks;

supporting the process of releasing the application into Production;

implementing performance tuning for the application;

implementing continuously data-import mechanism from on-premises


Tools & Technologies : Java 8, Python, Groovy, Spring, AWS (Lambda, EC2, RDS, DynamoDb,

SNS, SQS, Glue, X-Ray, CloudWatch), Troposphere

Involvement Duration : 10 months

Responsibilities : implementing continuous deployment process according to the customer

infrastructure and requirements;

supporting the SRE teams during the application release process;

Tools & Technologies : Python, Bash, AWS (CloudFormation, Lambda, CodeBuild,

CodePipeline, SSM, KMS)

Involvement Duration : 4 months

Responsibilities : developing new business logic for a serverless application using AWS;

implementing Blue/Green deployment for AWS Lambdas using

CodeDeploy and hooks;

implementing data replication using DynamoDb global tables;

investigating and developing plans for data failover and failback


preparing the whole application for Production release;

Tools & Technologies : Java 8, Guice, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDb, S3, SSM, Route53,

CodePipeline), Troposphere, Terraform

Involvement Duration : 9 months

Responsibilities : creating CI & CD processes for customer service using Jenkins, Docker

and AWS services;

Tools & Technologies : AWS (ECS, Beanstalk, S3, Route53, SES, RDS, EC2), Jenkins, Docker,


Involvement Duration : 2 months

Responsibilities : developing the module for flight simulation of aircraft and helicopters;

working on road traffic behavior simulation using SUMO (Simulation of

Urban Mobility);

developing the module for simulate of physical movement of vehicles on

the ground using jMonkeyEngine;

developing and modifying existing JavaFX panels;

writing the unit tests;

Tools & Technologies : Spring, Hibernate, H2, Maven, SockJS, SUMO, Junit, Mockito

Involvement Duration : 4 months

Responsibilities : Development of the web-application using Spring MVC and JSP for


Implementing integration with external service for cruise availability


performing integration with exchange rates service for price calculations;

development an agent personal cabinet using REST API;

Tools & Technologies : Spring MVC, Hibernate, HQL, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, CSS, Spring

Security, Tomcat, PostgreSQL

Involvement Duration : 6 months

Responsibilities : development of the simulation module of UAVs behavior, automatic

UAV route calculation module, air traffic management algorithms;

expending of the existing REST API calls;

working on communication between the server application and UAV

onboard application using a Socket connection;

working on communication between UAV onboard application and UAV

autopilot using MAVLink protocol (v1 and v2);

Tools & Technologies : Spring MVC, Hibernate, H2, Maven, Junit, Graphhopper

Involvement Duration : 10 months

Інформація про кандидата

  • Спеціалізація: Java
  • Досвід роботи: 7 років
  • Активний пошук роботи: Так
  • Кваліфікація: Висококваліфікований
  • Ступінь знайомства: Не знайомі
  • Умови: Віддалена робота
  • Бонус за рекомендацію: $3 000
  • Кандидат опублікований: 24 березня 2022 р.


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